Your Hostess

introhollyThe creator and moderator of this site is Holly Burton. Of course, she may assume a different name, depending on the wig and situation. For the sake of being practical, though, you can just call her Holly on site.

Holly has been experimenting with gender since before she was aware of what age is. Her COGIATI (Combined Gender Identity and Transsexuality Inventory) value is 70. This is a classification three, or androgyne. This does not necessarily mean that she tends to appear gender neutral (though sometimes it is fun), but that she is as equally interested in appearing as a male as she is a female, depending on the mood. Being a biological male, however, you will rarely, if ever, see her expressing an appearance of masculinity on this site.

Holly has a knack and interest in both writing and music. She’s always looking for like minds in these regards and can be booked to perform her one woman music show at transgender friendly events. (Or a one man music show, as it pertains.)

In any case, she’s quite approachable and can be emailed at