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Welcome to GenderTrade!

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

introhollyThank you for visiting GenderTrade! Obviously, this site is in its infancy and there is not much more to learn than what you can read in the “About,” “Your Hostess” and “Contribute” pages. I will try to expound, though.

My name is Holly…at least for the purposes of this site. I want to build a fun community here. I want us to all have fun with our gender experiments and share them here. As a result, I’m hoping to get some theme picture postings going, once we have enough regular visitors to make that happen. To explain, this would be something where the theme would be something like…I don’t know…red heads. Once that theme was announced, all you lovely ladies out there could then have an excuse to put on your best red wig and take some photos. You could then send me your best one and I’ll post up some submissions.

On top of that, I’d really like to get some events happening once that readership is established. I figure we could get something very fun and engaging going on. Not a support group…but a true event with entertainment and good times. I have worked in the music scene long enough to make this a reality. I’ve simply just never done it strictly for a trans setting and I’m sure it would be well worth it for all.

But the community is key! That means I have to offer you a reason to be here and I will do my best!

On that note, I feel I must explain gravity. The one thing I do not want this site to be is excessively heavy. I know all of us have struggled at times with our gender identities. And while we should not discount those struggles in others, and should certainly help out anyone in need, the focus here should be on the joys of our gender expression…not the pitfalls. And in reality, the pitfalls are usually just in our heads anyway. Being able to do dress oneself up in the garments of personal choice is a very exciting freedom that many yearn for but few are actually able to bring themselves to do. If you have (or had) a penis, but also donned a wig, make up and Henry & June Lingeriebra…congratulate yourself! You transcend a constraint of modern society!

Finally, I want to make it a point NOT to discourage those of you who have never actually had a penis. Though F2M boys are, of COURSE, as welcome as anyone here, I imagine the majority of visitors will be M2F. In that case, we must acknowledge that our dressing up as we do is an extension of our appreciation of femininity and women, in general. And so, biological ladies out there, you are SO SO SO welcome to participate here. Men can put on a wig and make up. Women can do. Either way, do yourselves up and share it here! The point is a good time.

Thanks again for visiting. Do check back and do get in touch!

Don't forget to pack some sexy lingerie!