Thank you so very much for visiting GenderTrade!

The point of this site is to build a community of transgendered folks interested in having a good time while expressing themselves in any number of ways.  There are many ways to do this, and anyone interested in helping out should certainly contact your benevolent hostess, Holly.

Hopefully, in time, we can expand to a point at which we can have some live events. That’s all down the line, though. As for now, GenderTrade is buy a baby in the cyber universe. In these days of infancy, we welcome guest blogging, photo submissions, donations and any ideas floating around out there.

Currently, I’m very interested in theme picture postings. Surely, this will come. The point is for all of us to see our genderbending as a positive, fun thing. To share it, and find more opportunity to engage in its benefits.

Join us, won’t you?